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Best Custom Architectural Designs by Modern Home Designer in Hisar

Modern home designers in Hisar are all up to match your expectations for having a unique adobe that speaks volumes about your taste. We are well aware of the fact that building a home is the most aspiring aspect of a person’s life and hence our team of top interior designers in Hisar has come up with the best custom designs to turn your home into a living marvel.

Designing custom homes means having complete freedom in every aspect of architecture, yet that can become quite confusing if you are dealing with an amateur team or are not clear about what you exactly want. To keep that confusion away modern home designers in Hisar have dozens of architectural approaches for the customer requirements. All you need to do is book an appointment with us and we will amaze you with a repertoire of historical and modern interpretations. Meanwhile mentioned below are a few of the techniques that can be incorporated in your house and are practical along with being aesthetically appealing.

Best Custom Architectural Designs by Modern Home Designer in Hisar
Custom Architectural Designs

  • Cape Cod

Cape Cod is an exemplary home style that can be followed back to the late seventeenth century. At the point when Puritans were relocated to New England, they assembled half-wooded homes that had the option to withstand the unforgiving climate. These homes were first found in Massachusetts and would, and would make a great choice for modern-contemporary lovers.

  • Indo-Saracenic Revival Architecture

There is so much you can take from the ancient Indian styles of architecture and the Indo-Saracenic article is one of them. This brilliant engineering was introduced by the Britishers and is a breathtaking fusion of Ind0-Islamic architecture. It’s also known as neo-Mughal and is all about giving the royal feel to your house. You can use this style for the design of your guest room, personal library, or lounging area.

  • Rock-Cut Architecture

You got that unwanted rock amidst your plot (happens pretty often in hilly areas of India), instead of thinking about getting rid of it, why don’t you turn it into a masterpiece? As per the suggestion of the top interior designer in Hisar, our country has been famous for rock-cut structures and it’s quite possible to turn a rock into a sitting, mini bar, or fountain.

  • Colonial

The Colonial home style is one of the most established engineering styles that are still exceptionally normal in numerous states. Its beginnings date back to the seventeenth century when European pilgrims assembled their homes propelled by the engineering of their nations. These various plans are the establishments of Colonial Architecture, which fanned out to an assortment of styles that can give a stylish edge to your custom house, like French Spanish and Dutch Colonial.

Here are some of the most refined picks from the architect and interior designer in Hisar, further for more information and suggestions you can always contact us.

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