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Urban Modern Interior Design


Build Art offers bespoke commercial Interior design solution for clients looking to evoke their brand image through functional designed spaces.

We are offering the commercial spaces design includes

Office Interior Design 

Retail Interior Design

Showroom Design 

along with spatial designs in community centers, museums, stores, warehouses and libraries.

Retail Space Design: This service offering include interior designing of exclusive consumer focused spaces that also contain a characteristic of each brand. These retail space designs are mostly done in Shopping malls interiors, departmental stores, and exclusive showrooms as well as brand specific visual merchandising spaces.


Office Interior Design: This service offering is intended to use space to express various corporate brands and also used in designing office spaces used for various kinds of businesses.

Community Centers, Museums, Stores, Warehouses and Library Design: This design service solution is offered to clients looking to create functional yet highly aesthetically designed public spaces used for various specific community purposes.

We are offering Innovative Commercial Interior Design solutions!

Office and Retail designer in Hisar
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